Essential Body Care Products for Your Lovely Skin

We all crave for lovely skin. In order to look beautiful and young, you have to take care of your skin. Both body and mind plays an important role in having a lovely skin. Being the main and thinnest layer of the body, the skin needs special care. Protecting the skin from sun and pollution is vital for all of us. Body care products for men and women galore. You can always look great and keep up appearances with the right kind of body care products. Cleansers, smoothers, moisturizers – include all of them in your list for clear and lovely skin.

Infibeam - Body Care Products

Using a moisturizer or body lotion is essential for maintaining a healthy skin. If your skin type is dry, try the Natural Honey Extra Dry Skin body lotion. With natural honey formula, this lotion is a solution to even the driest of skin types. It keeps your skin moisturized and you feel soft and supple at all times. Taking care of skin is not a one-day task. It needs special care everyday. Too much pollution accumulates lot of impurities in our skin. If we don’t clean the body everyday, pores shrink. It is essential not to let impurities get into the pores. Therefore, cleanser should be used to keep the body rejuvenated and healthy. Azafran Aqua Halo Skin Rejuvenating body cleanser formulated with natural foaming ingredients protects and hydrates the skin. Suitable for all skin types, this body care product is mildly antiseptic and maintains the pH balance of your skin.

Infibeam - Body care products

We all know the health benefits of green tea. Did you know that it can be a great energizer for the skin as well? Infused with the goodness of green tea, Soap Opera Puresense green tea body wash will definitely uplift and energize your body. Stress is also one of the basic problems in today’s hectic life. Stress relief essential oils can be used in bedroom, living room, prayer room in potpourri or diffuser. You can add a few drops of Soulflower stress relief essential oil to bath water. It helps to calm your mind, body and spirit after a hard days work.

Improve your skin, make it look flawless with body care products. Body care products are getting popular in India. Browse products at Infibeam, choose from an array of skin care brands and buy at cool price.


Add More Fun to Your Travel with Great Discounts on Travel Accessories

Summer is the favourite season of almost everyone of us. Mangoes, holidays, vacations, picnics, parties and much more. We all eagerly wait for summers to come as we get to relish the King of Fruits, Mango in this season. Also, these are the most longed months by kids as they get vacations from school to celebrate and roam around the world for a great holiday.


Summer is the season when we travel the most for a relaxing gateway. Infibeam adds more fun to your travel with up to 56% off on a wide range of American Tourister products. Not only this but you can also get an additional discount of 20% by using the code SMRCOOL20.

The array of American Tourister products at Infibeam features Sleeve Cases, Backpacks, Laptop Backpacks, Sefty Pouches, Trolly Bags, Strollies, Duffle Trollies, Duffle Bags, Spinners and a lot more. These amazing American Trourister bags products serves a great purpose for traveling, office, college, schools and other outdoors. These travel bags, backpacks and laptop backpacks are very spacious to accommodate all your stuff very easily.


The trolly bags, duffle bags, strollies and other bags from American Trourister come with wheels that make them handy enough to carry anytime, anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Travel Accessory from Infibeam at the best price with great deals and discounts.

Face Care Products: How To Save Money By Shopping Online

Care of skin is the most important and also difficult as it is exposed to the harshness of the sun, air and pollution. As the exposure to these elements is unavoidable, care must be taken to nourish and prevent the skin from damage. Various beauty products help replenish and restore skin and these products must be carefully chosen depending on the individual’s skin tone and texture. For this, Infibeam is an ultimate shopping destination that offers varied products at the convenience of few clicks. Check out their range of face care products that they offer on their website. Products from brands like Aplomb, Aurva Naturals, Avalon Organics, Blue Heaven Cosmetics, Khadi, Oriflame and many more are available. These products cater to needs of various skin types and tones hence making it easy to select and choose what you need.

In this age of virtual world, everything is done through phones and computers. Then why not buy face care products online when the best products are being offered? This not only saves the fuel and parking cost of malls but also lets you shop leisurely giving you ample time to choose your products. Another most important advantage is that you will not be hounded by sales persons and misled into buying the wrong products. Online shopping gives you enough description and specifications of each and every product. We list out some things that can be kept in mind while you shop for face care products online to save money and make your purchase a smart one.

  • Check for items on sale – Browse through the products that are on sale. Chances are, what you plan to buy could be on the sale list at a good discount.
  • Use coupon codes for additional discounts – Shopping portals and brands offer coupon codes through which discounts can be availed. Find out about these coupons and use it wisely so that you get products at the best price.

  • Combos and package – Brands offer products in combos and packages that work out cheaper when bought rather than purchasing them separately. Try to find a package that sells the products that you are looking for.
  • Compare prices between two similar products – If two brands sell similar products, then compare them to know which one is the best buy.
  • Free shipping – The shipping of these products will be free if your bill is of a minimum amount. Try to make future purchases to achieve that amount so the products cost you lesser.
  • Newsletter sign up – Brands offer discounts on signing up for their newsletter and also intimate you on their upcoming sales. Sign up for their newsletters and plan your purchase accordingly.

Before you do the billing, ensure that you take time to read about the specification and description of the products so you do not end up spending money on something that you did not want. Treat your skin with utmost care as good skin is an accessory in itself. Good outfit complimented by beautiful skin takes your look one notch higher. So go ahead and flaunt your skin this summer!