Trolley Bags – To Take That Burden-free Trip !

Travel is taking over the people’s hobbies, to a very large extent. The more hectic schedules, people suffer from; the more need for travel arises. Travel sheds away the burden, and bring you to the peaceful state. While the purpose & outcome of travel is constant, all this time. The means & mode of travelling has widely advanced. People go away from home, to diffuse from the metaphoric burden. But take along, the burden of myriad stuff in those bags. And hauling through those cumbersome bags, turns out to be a tedious job; away from home. This has the swift solution, in the name of the trolley bags!

Trolley Bags Infibeam

Some things drops in; in the form of an angel. Calling trolley bags that angel; for the travellers who carry hell stuff with them, wouldn’t be an exaggeration. While speaking of the travellers, taking trips as an escape route from the stressful working hours. It’s taken that they won’t have much time to go and shop for trolley bags and other travel essentials. For them, online shopping is the best option. There are multiple websites, that bring you abundance varieties of such trolley bags. Browse through these websites, and you’ll find ample of designer trolley bags. The leverage of buying this trolley bags online, is that – one can easily compare their sizes, designs, brands, etc. And than pick the best one!

Infibeam Trolley Bags

Infibeam‘s online store has a range of trolley bags, to shop from. Here you have the privilege of filtering this trolley bags, as per your requirement. The stores brings you, quality trolley bags with the brands you love the most. American Tourister, Skybags and VIP are a few names of the brands on Infibeam, when it comes to the availability of trolley bags online. Vivid colours, make the trolley bags looks as lively as your personality. And if you are going on some business trip, pick up the trolley bag that looks classy and sophisticated. Trolley bags online in India is taking a hype, this days. Many people opts for trolley bags, rather than that old school handled bags. Infibeam’s trolley bag store, has ample of options to choose from!


Unlock the secrets to look younger with skin care products

With financial independence and career building ranking high on the list, the ancient secrets demystifying the health and wellness of skin are lost between the pages of today’s mundane routine of modern woman’s lifestyle. The unexpected demands from each and every area of her life, be it professional or personal, has left no time with her to learn and execute the natural beauty secrets documented in our ancient Indian texts, in the texts written by the seductive Egyptian queen Cleopatra or follow the beauty tips of Aphrodite, the “Greek Goddess”.

Bless the skin care products manufacturers, who have come up with exquisite beauty care products that aids today’s contemporary women to keep her skin well hydrated, supple, soft and glowing. The Father of Internal Skincare – Dr. Howard Murad has rightly said, “Healthy skin is the reflection of overall wellness”. Skin is just like any other organ of the body which needs to be taken care of regularly. According to the doctors, skin is the first layer of our immune system which stands 24 hours as a guard between us and various types of bacteria and viruses.

Skin Care Products

In this regard, knowing and understanding the use of various skin care products, necessary to keep your skin healthy and beautiful is must. In fact, the invention of beauty products has made life easy for today’s woman. She does not have to take pain to search for essential ingredients that suits her skin, dermatologists along with the manufacturers of skin care products have done all the work from researching about various skin types and ingredients suitable to it, getting the best quality ingredients, packaging them attractively and finally delivering them to your doorstep, these days with the help of online retailers. So, your beauty is guaranteed without any hassles!

Skin Care Products Infibeam

In the market, there are variety of skin care products available for various skin needs like body talc, body lotion, gel shower, sunscreen, gulab jal (rose water), soap and moisturisers. Not to forget, sunscreens are prerequisites to protect your skin from the UV rays not only in summer, but also in winter. They protect your skin from skin cancer and early ageing. As per the research of American Academy of Dermatology, 1 in every 5 person will be diagnosed with skin cancer in lifetime! So, grab your bottle of sunscreen today itself!

Herbal products are also quite a rage these days, among health conscious consumers. Infibeam has skin care products from Sattvik Organics and Natural Honey which balances the moisture level of skin enhancing its charm and radiance. Browse and check out the varied range of skin care products available online !

Invest in Educational Toys: Good Parenting Requisite

Are you a parent who suffers from panic attacks every time your kid starts swiping the screen of your latest iPhone, starts browsing your laptop or sobs incessantly when any technological gadget is snatched away from him? Well, then here is a good piece of advice for you – invest in the latest educational toys!

Yes, you have heard right- the toy market in India is flooding with multitude of toys, which your innocent cherub can derive pleasure equal to operating a technological apparatus while also enhancing his creativity and other mental aptitude skills. It is a proven fact that the little malleable brain of the child gets easily influenced with toys surrounding him. With the help of educational toys, child easily learns to identify various shapes, colours, develops the sense of touch, ignite their curiosity, counting skills, various movements and of course his mind gets exposed to the magical world of imagination.

Educational toys - infibeam

Investing in good educational toys is also like investing in your child’s career. According to one of the researches, certain types of educational games inspire children to pursue career in science, technology and engineering. Also, experts opine that construction toys help children develop language skills, maths, inter-personal, problem solving skills and ensures overall development of the brain.

These educational toys customized in a way that your child is not missing out on the fun of traditional games too. They come in various attractive packages and can be easily carried anywhere you go. They are the best learning tools and an amusing companion of your kid if he/she is under the care of nanny at home or at a child care centre of your workplace. You can be rest assured that your child is spending a qualitative time in your absence!

Educational Toys online Infibeam

Not only these, education games are now free of gender biased titles, designed in a way that helps to develop skills in both girls and boys. They impart necessary social skills in your child and helps him groom mentally and physically even before he enters a school.

Along with the technological revolution, the play world of children is also getting revolutionized with educational toy brands like Mitashi, Three6 Inc, LightHouse and ART FACTORY coming up with brand new products like English learner kids laptop, craft-pack photoframe, super slim educational talking kids laptop and various other products. You can visit to purchase these products!

Kiss Good Night To Your Pleasant Bed Sheets !

Bedroom is the space of your home, where you meet yourself. The space, you have the liberty to call your own. The zone of your comfort and leisure. No bedroom breathes in an absence of your presence & the warmth of a bed. Your bed too needs, to be adorned; just like your room asks you. You might not be too much into the interior decoration thing. Yet, you’ll furnish your room in a manner that it reflects your inner person. Similarly, you might not be a fan of floral & fancy bed sheets. But knowingly or unknowingly, you’ll surely reach out for the bed sheets that goes along your personality.

Bedsheets - Infibeam

Some say, shopping bed sheets comes under the zone of women’s shopping. But with the cosmopolitan Indians, widening their horizons; the shopping trends are also seen to be altering. The gender borders seem to be blurring, though slowly and gradually. Men working in metros alone, for work; take care of all household stuff. And they are well-equipped to buy quality bed sheets also. But it’s the same cultural growth, that has shifted the shopping patterns from the live stores to the online shopping portals. Be it men or women, both go for the purchase of bed sheets online. Here, they do not have to worry about the store being closed down after their office hours. Neither do they have to skip the comparison between the brands of their choice.

Bedsheets - Infibeam

Online shopping sites, is an answer to all your shopping preferences. Right from the gadgets & electronics to the embellishment of your homes. That too, with the quality and feasibility. So why not go for bed sheets online shopping, without walking an inch forward from your cosy couch. Bed sheets comes in variant designs, for different age groups and personality types. For the newly weds comes the floral and heart prints. While kids’ priority of the cartoon characters is also satisfied, with variety. The ethnic & traditional Indian, may choose from the range of batik fabric or the worli prints & patch work. The demands are endless, and so is the availability & designs. Infibeam’s online store also offers a range of designs of bed sheets online. And that too in almost all your favoured brands, to speak of the quality!