7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Show your Romantic Side


When Dr Seuss said “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Here, he addressed everyone who has ever been in love. With February 14th is approaching fast, all the love birds all over the world are looking forward to charm their loved one. When love is in the air, lovers feel to be top of the world. This valentine’s day activate your creativity to make this wonderful day even better. Don’t fret too much about your budget, cause the blush on the face of your valentine is priceless. It could be something as simple as a rose with a sweet note or a teddy bear. With Infibeam you can sit back, relax and enjoy your day and have your gift delivered to your doorsteps.


Here is a list of 7 gifts that are sure to make your valentine fall in love with you again!

1. Chocolates and flowers:
Love can be expressed in more than one ways. The surest way however is to shower your loved one with aromatic roses and rich chocolate. You can also tag along, a touchy love note; expressing your innermost feelings for him or her. This would make a very good valentine gifts.

2. Teddy bears:
Whether your valentine is a shy person or when she is a social butterfly, if there is one thing you can be sure of is – the cute little cuddly soft toy! This would put her in the in a great mood instantly.

3. Love Pillows:
There is nothing that conveys ‘I love you’ like a pillow. A pillow gives the comfort and warm hug, that would remind her of you. Love pillows are the ones designed in most attractive manner. Specifically, those heart shaped pillows, is something that’s surely going to charm your fanciful and love-driven girlfriend of your’s.

4. Personalized gifts:
Most people find it difficult to pick gifts for their better half because nothing seems good enough. If you’re one of them; than here’s the trick for you – pick a present that really shows care and affection you hold for your better half. It can be a simple love note, a personalized t-shirt, a ring with your names engraved or even a photo album of your special moments together!

5. Jewellery:
A perfect valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend is a special jewellery. If you’ve been in a long term relationship, Valentine’s day gift ideas might run out of your mind. Jewellery, is one thing that might save you from the confusion of what to gift. In first place, jewellery gift for man may sound weird to you. But there’s a range of things from the jewellery section, that might charm your man. For instance, you can pick a good bracelet, pendant or even a ring; as a valentine gift for boyfriend! Watches, to make a classy accessory for the man of your dreams.

6. Make art:
You don’t have to be a Picasso; just be yourself. Draw something that you feel like, take the time and effort to make some art, even if it is simple. Your loved one is surely going to appreciate the love & effort you made to make them feel special. Moreover, who knows you might be an artist in making?

7.  Books:
Is your Valentine someone who enjoys a Relaxing Sunday, which goes with good amount of reading? Than of course you know, what would touch her the most. Go ahead, and pick up a book from the genre that your loved one likes; and get it gift wrapped with love. Bibliophiles really love their books, they will surely treasure your gift with most care.

This valentine’s day, let the day filled with the warmth of the love that flourishes amidst both of you. Don’t worry about making it perfect, just make it special. Go on a long drive, a romantic dinner and spend some time with each other and don’t forget to say “I love you”. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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