Apple iPhone 8: The Torchbearer of Latest Technology!


Such has been the craze about Apple and it’s phones i.e., that every year, only two events are considered as the most anticipated and eagerly awaited events of the year. 1. Game of Thrones – New Season and 2. Launch of Apple’s New iPhone. The only time when rumours regarding the both go extinct is when they are actually released. In a nutshell, GoT and iPhone both remain on our screens round-the-clock. Major chunk of them being in the form of rumours. Both of them have established such an intense following that they are nothing less than a cult. As a result of this fanatic following, even the rumours are loved and revered.

With the iPhone’s 8th edition doing round, it’s the same case but not really. Rumours are there as expected. But, if even some of them are considered to be true then 10th anniversary of Apple phones is going to be a complete out of the blue. Based on the norms, Apple should’ve been coming up with 2 different editions of their current flagship versions Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus i.e., 7S and 7S plus. But a major chunk of secret revealers believe this time Apple will bring out a third edition too. Iphone 8? Possible. Moreover, it is said that it will be adorning a OLED display. Further, company is heard to be gearing up for a complete overhaul in terms of design which was considered to be a dire requirement. Especially after iPhone 7’s monotonous design which was bashed highly all over the world.

Let’s have a look at a few speculations doing rounds of the internet regarding the amazing features that are going to be in it:

Dual Rear Camera: It has already made it’s debut in iPhone 7 plus. This technology is going to be the force that drives technological revolution into a new era. Every company will be following the suit (most of them already have). In short, Dual Camera is the future of phone cameras. But, the difference here will be the orientation. They are shifting back to vertical rather than horizontal as seen in current versions. The interesting matter here will be to see how they use these two cameras. As it is known that the functions can be set according to the manufacturer’s desire.

All-Curved Display: Curves are in fashion again! This time, it is phones though! With the curved phones of other companies being loved so much, it is only natural that the company follows the suit. It seems they are going for an all curved display. This means it can be termed as ‘Quad-curve Edges display as compared to Samsung’s Dual curved edges.

Plastic OLED panel: Along with Curved display, Apple, finally embracing Organic Light Emitting Diode, is a great news. OLED works without a backlight so it can be much thinner and lighter than the IPS LCD panels iPhones currently use. This can also improve the phone’s battery life. OLED also achieves a higher contrast ratio than LCD, so it would be a notable and a very sensible step up.

Fast Charging: This has been the technology in rage in recent times. The battery power although has increased, with mammoth processors, requirements are again increasing. Therefore the technology’s move towards USB C or Fast charging seems apt. Apple seems to be late to this party. But well, does time really matter for the special guests?

Tap to Wake: This may sound inane to android users as this function has been a part of even low end android phones for long now. Tap to wake is simply the action of being able to tap a phone screen to easily preview your notifications.

There are many other features like – removal of 3.5mm (this was called up for a long time now), replacing of home button with a touch bar (as on the new Macbook Pro), long range wireless charging (this is highly unlikely) and so on. The list keeps getting longer and longer everyday.

One thing is for sure, Apple is striving hard and banking very highly on iPhone 8 to take the online mobile stores all over the world by a storm. Especially after the heavy dip in the sales of last few versions mainly Apple iPhone 6S and Apple iPhone 6S plus.

Again, these are purely rumours, the reality will be unveiled only when it is launched! Whether we buy it or not, the excitement it definitely building up!