5 Kitchen Hacks to Help you Save Your Time and Energy

With everything getting faster and digital, why should a fascinating yet a tedious activity such as cooking be left behind? You spend hours in kitchen cooking delicious cuisines for your guest, when you should be sitting cozily on the sofa and having a conversation with them. Well now, you can definitely beat the clock by consuming less of your time in preparing meals and more of it in socializing with your guests. We will help you to be tagged as an incredible host and you thank us later. Here are some hacks that you are missing on, while working in the kitchen.

#1- Chop it Like a Pro


Undoubtedly, the award of the ‘Most exhausting work in the kitchen’ goes to chopping the vegetables. The more delectable your recipe is, the more vegetables come in your ambit to be chopped and that is the way it works. Chopping becomes monotonous and at one point you surely are searching for a rescuer or a saviour to help you out and guess what, the chopper is definitely the one. Dice or slice easily with the chopper and complete your task in no time.

#2- Cook it to the Perfection

Sandwich maker

Like counter strike is in the games, sandwich is in the food. Favourite of everyone. Sandwich do consume a lot of your energy and time, when it is cooked on the stove manually. And sometimes, you end up making your kitchen messier. That is where the Sandwich maker comes into the picture. It helps you get swifter in making sandwich and takes the charge of cooking it to the perfection without you having to supervise it.

#3- Grind Effortlessly

mixer & juicer

With the increasing blaze of the sun, the intake of water and juices is already on the pinnacle. We are pretty sure that the demanding schedule of the day is draining you out of energy. And squeezing the fruit to savour its juice is something so excruciatingly hectic, that it further adds up to your fatigue. The mixer & juicer are the perfect time-saving appliances to fill the glasses of juice for each of your guest in the least time.

#4- Bake, Cook & Re-heat with Ease


Cooking and gossiping are something that can never go hand in hand. Well, this is what everyone used to follow like a rigid rule. Now, you don’t need to. Not because multitasking is so much in trend but for the simple reason that microwave will let you prepare your dishes without the need of constant supervision. Set the timer and voila! When you come back to examine it, it’s done. Isn’t it the wonder, we were all secretly wishing for?

#5- Make Your Rotis in Style

roti maker

The most hated and almost a routine job in every Indian household is preparing rotis. It is an absolute monotonous job. In Summer, standing in front of hot stove and making chapati is similar to standing under the scorching heat with your leg wedged inside the sand. You can’t leave because you are stuck. And the roti maker has come to save you from the burning heat. It’s time to get the appliance and save yourself from the unnecessary suffering.

Time-saving kitchen appliances are sure to be your perfect assistants, when you are in need of one. Check out Infibeam’s massive assemblage of kitchen appliances and save your precious time.


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