8 Things to Keep In Mind While Buying An Air Conditioner.

Bearable condition-makers or more popularly known as Air Conditioners (ACs) are more of a necessity than a luxury. It is a fuss-less fact that they are considered to be the most important shields to protect us from the rising mercury. The mercury that will keep on rising as if it is destined to. This makes it even more important for us to know the type of shield we are about to buy and this Shields (ACs) will be with us for a decade (just saying). So choose wisely! But what are the factors you should be looking at for a wise choice? Let’s have a look –

  • Type of AC – There are three types of ACs available in the market (Online I mean) currently such as Window ACs, Split ACs and Portable ACs. Portable ACs is an option very rarely prefered and not that easily available (yet) in India. Hence, let’s straight away look at Window ACs and Split ACs.
  • Window ACs – It consists of a single unit with a combination of a compressor and a blower fit together within it. However, it can be installed in a window frame only. Window ACs are more economical and easier to install or relocate. The disadvantages of window ACs are – They are noisy, require specific space (window) for installation and at times it disturbs the room aesthetics.
  • Split ACs – It consists of two units, one mounted outside the home (wall) and another inside. The outside unit comprises of condenser and compressor whereas inside unit consists of a blower. Split AC is highly preferred nowadays. Although costlier than Window ACs, it is aesthetically very pleasing to the eye. They can be mounted anywhere inside the room. It is also less noisy than the window ACs.

So, which one you’d go with? Is it Split? Choose the type wisely.

  • Weather Conditions of the Area – If you traverse the length and breadth of the country, you may find climates and temperatures ranging from freezing point to the boiling point. At places, you’d find humidity that’d make you wish you could evaporate. At places you’d find dryness that’d make your skin feel like a coarse road. Therefore, it is very important to buy an AC that suits the weather conditions of your area.

  • Room Aesthetics (Size etc.) – Once you are sorted with the type of AC that you want to buy, the next step is to find out the size of the AC that you need. The size of the AC that you need is decided based on the area of your room. The size of the AC is measured in tonnes of Air that is to be cooled in your room. Cooling Capacity is the term used for this that you’ll find on e commerce websites online.

Please note here that there is no weightage in the fact that if you choose an AC with higher cooling capacity immaterial of the size of your room, it will cool your room faster. It is nothing more than a myth. In fact, it may increase your energy consumption. So, choose the size wisely!

The quest to find the perfect AC Online is not done yet! It will be continued in the next post! Stay Connected!

  • Inverter – Non Inverter AC- To begin with, Inverter AC doesn’t mean it runs on inverter or it runs even in electricity cuts. It uses an inverter technology, which uses to convert AC current to DC current which further regulate the compressor running speed. Traditional non-inverter air conditioner compressor motor sometime go “on” and “of”. Whereas, inverter AC compressor is always in “On”state. This makes the Inverter ACs highly efficient in every aspects compared to Non Inverter ACs. However, they are still very expensive in India.

If Money is not constraint, there is no doubt about the fact that you should go with Inverter ACs.

  • Energy Efficiency- After sizing comes the efficiency, the efficiency of an air conditioner is usually termed as EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). It is rated in stars, from 1 to 5 rating. The better ratings means more electricity savings. Higher the amount of heat removed per hour per unit of power consumed, higher is the efficiency of air conditioner. Also, higher the EER, better is the air conditioner. Therefore, it is needless to say that an AC with a higher EER should be prefered, always.

  • Additional Features- Nothing is ever enough, when it comes to our desires and technology. Therefore, additional features are things that are highlighted by the companies. Features like Anti bacteria Filter, Dust Filter, Dehumidifier, Auto Cleaning Function, Auto Sleep Function. The recent one being ACs with WiFi ! Yes, that is true. Go figure!

  • Installation and After Sale Services- Split ACs are comparatively difficult to install. Therefore it may incur you extra installation charges. So, please keep this in mind as well. At the end of the day, the Air Conditioner that you buy will remain with you for about 2 to 10 years. That is why, after sales services too, become extremely important. Choose the channel that you have to buy from, wisely!


  • Budget- This factor ends up being the last on the list because of its importance. It is the most important factor above all that are mentioned above. ACs nowadays are available in a wide range, therefore figure out the budget and choose the right fit correctly.

Buying an Air Conditioner is not as difficult as it sounds, now, certainly it is not! ACs are available online with some unbelievable offers at the lowest prices! Go for ACs Online, then!


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