5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Water Purifier

water purifier

The Indian population as on date is 1.3 billion and growing by the second. And this causes massive scantiness of resources, including that of potable water. It is a well-versed fact that access to safe drinking water has been a grave problem in India. But what if you could find a way to stop this, reduce the spread of waterborne diseases and also other water related problems?

Well, Water Purifiers are the perfect panacea to get rid of all such problems. And if this did not convince you enough, here are some other reasons that will compel you to think why a water purifier for your home is must.

  1. Get Rid of the Bad Chemicals

Get rid of chemical ofwater

The last thing that you want in your water is the taste and smell of chlorine. As you must know, the water before coming to your home is treated with chlorine to dispose off the bacteria and for decontamination. Well, this chlorine can lead to serious health problems. Also, the water, if taken from the groundwater table may also contain lead and arsenic, which can lead to serious poisoning in human beings, even in fact create genetic disabilities to the unborn children.

  1. Removal of Total Dissolved Solids

Removal of Total Dissolved Solids

A water purifier is a must to remove the total dissolved solids (TDS) like nitrates, sulphates, sodium and calcium as the level of TDS can increase by boiling. And this can elevate the risk of dangerous damage to body and brain, even if the TDS are consumed in miniscule amount. But the water purifiers indeed remove the TDS.

  1. Making Water Free of Harmful Viruses and Bacteria

Making Water Free of Harmful Viruses and Bacteria

Often present in contaminated water, these viruses and bacteria are the causes of the major water borne ailments including cholera, typhoid, gastro-intestinal infections and dysentery. These are very common in children, as contaminated water infect them due to weak immune systems. So, to save the children from these diseases, it is advised that the water should be contaminant free.  The RO procedure purifies the water of these bacteria and viruses.

  1. Boiling Water versus RO Purifiers

Boiling Water versus RO Purifiers

You might think of boiling the water rather than buying a new water purifier. But the fact is that boiling destroys organisms that cannot withstand high temperatures. Also, boiling water causes unnecessary wastage of energy and time, whereas RO purifier does a better work consuming less of both energy and time. Again, the boiled water should be consumed within 24 hours. Otherwise, bacteria could reenter the water after it cools.

  1. Softens Water

Softens Water

It is a fact that the hard water adversely affects the body. Consuming hard water over a period of time can cause cancer due to deposits of calcium and magnesium in the body. It also causes skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema along with scaling of the skin. Whereas soft water on the other hand, makes your skin healthy as there is an increase in sodium intake, also it detoxifies body as it is easier for the kidneys to process soft water rather than hard water.

You might have enough reasons to prefer using the old conventional ways of getting potable water rather than a water purifier. But not only that will take a toll on your health, also it will take a toll on your pocket, may be hospital bills or medicines or even worse. And as an old notion goes – ‘Precaution is better than cure’. Finding the best RO purifier or water filters can be a tough job. But getting the best water purifier for your home online at the best price and in the comfort of your home, is just a click away.